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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Magazine Boxes!!!! FINALLY!

SO, I picked up these babies MONTHS AND MONTHS ago at my local Smith's.

I had been looking for magazine boxes to Mod Podge but they were all too dang expensive or cheap (Like made from cardboard cheap....definitley not going to hold up with Mod Podge.) Lucky me these babies were on sale for $5 a piece (Instead of the $20 regular price.) These suckers took me FOR-EV-ER to finish but I finally did it!! (At the request of my husband....too many unfinished craft projects lying around I guess!)

Finished and they turned out SO CUTE!

I picked paper that came coordinating in colors, so none of the boxes are the same. I opted not to label the boxes because once the words are on they aren't coming off and I don't want to re-cover these EVER. The down side to this project was that the paper is 12 inches tall, the boxes are 13 inches tall. So each one has a strip at the bottom to cover the box. Not noticable in the picture but I can tell at home. (I'm anal about this kind of thing.) For now they will do and hopefully my guests won't look too closely!  

Girls Wall Shelf

Here is another junker I picked up at the DI and recrafted into something better! (Ok they weren't really that junky before, but they look much better!)


I repainted it with DARK brown paint, Mod Podged the top and sides with matching paper, and sprayed the whole thing with Acrylic Spray when it was dry! I did have to put in my own stuff on the back to hang it up on the wall but that was a cinch!

Shelf #2 Before:


Perfect place for my girls to show off their necklaces and a picture or two! I kinda wish I would have picked a different color, seeing as it really blends in with the walls but whateva! It was a fun project anyways!