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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Name Signs

So I have this new obsession.....the DI! My husband is embarassed and my mama is proud! You can seriously get some GOOD stuff to re-craft at the DI! I got these pieces of wood for $1 each. (Sorry, I forgot the before photo but TRUST ME, they were ugly! They were pastel easter colors with words like "Beautiful" and "Bloom" in white vinyl lettering, Yuck.) I decided to make each of the kids a little name plate to hang in their rooms. I'm sure if I had more time I would have done more than just paint and stickers, but I was short on time so I whipped these up in a few hours.

I don't have a Cricuit (hint hint husband!) so I use Thickers from American Crafts. (Having a MIL who works for them pays off! I get free craft supplies all the time. Bonus!) The awesome thing about Thickers is you can spray acrylic over them and they still look great! (Even the glittery ones still sparkled!)

Also it's important to note.....drilling holes in wood only works when the drill is not set on 'reverse'. Although I actually DID get one hole in on reverse, I completely broke the drill bit into 4 pieces. Sorry honey!!

Photo Album Redo

I bought this photo album at Nickel Auction for FIVE cents!!! I mean really that was paying too much because this thing is hideous, I mean putrid. This fabric looks like something that belongs on your grandma's couch, not on a photo album. I decided to give Fabric Mod Podge a try and it worked out great!! It's a little bit thicker than the normal stuff and more expensive but it did the job wonderfully. I was able to disassemble the whole photo book and cover it with new fabric.

Old and NASTY!

New and Beautiful!!

One thing I would have done different is to not use fabric that had white in it. The white parts look dirty because you can see the old stuff underneath. For a first time using fabric + Mod Podge, I LOVE IT!! You don't have to worry about it ripping or bubbling. Don't be jealous regular Mod Podge, I still love you too :)

Wall Shelf

So I got this wall shelf at the last Nickel Auction in my neighborhood. Nobody wanted it, so it was 5 cents. I decided to give it a little face lift and put it in the baby's room.



(Yeah the little animals make it cute, but notice the Mod Podged paper and new paint job.)

What I did:
1. Didn't bother sanding it because I just spray painted 3 coats of brown onto the existing wood.
2. Measured my paper for the top and Mod Podged it on.
3. Let it dry for a day before spraying it with Acrylic Spray.

SO EASY, and so cute!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Wall Box

So I was at the DI looking for crafts I could spice up. (And cheap baby toys that were still in good shape!) I picked up this ugly blue wall box for $1.50 and made it into something new for my baby's room!! It was surprisingly easy too!

Before (Sorry, you must suffer the gloss of my table cover, I was too lazy to move it.)

I got the paper at Heartland. Just a warning: Don't go in there if you don't want to spend money!! You'll want to buy the whole store!!

What I did:

1. Measure and cut all sides of paper.
2. Sand as much paint off as I could. (It was on there pretty thick too. I didn't get to the base wood but I wanted to at least get the glossy finish off so my paper would stick.)
3. Paint parts that are going to show. (I always paint the seams too, like where two pieces of paper will meet.) I also did 3 coats.
4. Mod Podge the paper to the inside of the box first, then 2 of the sides. Let it dry for 1 day then do the other 2 sides.
5. Let it all dry for another day before spraying with Acrylic Spray.