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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Photo Album Redo

I bought this photo album at Nickel Auction for FIVE cents!!! I mean really that was paying too much because this thing is hideous, I mean putrid. This fabric looks like something that belongs on your grandma's couch, not on a photo album. I decided to give Fabric Mod Podge a try and it worked out great!! It's a little bit thicker than the normal stuff and more expensive but it did the job wonderfully. I was able to disassemble the whole photo book and cover it with new fabric.

Old and NASTY!

New and Beautiful!!

One thing I would have done different is to not use fabric that had white in it. The white parts look dirty because you can see the old stuff underneath. For a first time using fabric + Mod Podge, I LOVE IT!! You don't have to worry about it ripping or bubbling. Don't be jealous regular Mod Podge, I still love you too :)

1 comment:

Scott and Sara said...

I think that looks great. I hope the person you bought it from isn't reading : )
Your description is very true though!