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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fabric Toy Bucket

So I have seen a couple of these online and thought I would try one out. I don't like any of the tutorials that I saw (either too small or circle buckets) so I kind of was sewing by the seam of my pants (haha). This bucket is quite LARGE!! 20x20x20. I was at first a little disappointed I made it SO big, however now I love it because it fits ALL of the baby toys (Bumbo, Ball Popper, Boppy included!) I made the mistake of not prewashing the denim and ended up blue all over. Oops, that's a beginner sewer for you!

I honestly can't even type any directions for you because I just kind of figured it out as I went! Sorry, but at least you can get a good look at it!

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