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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snowman with Mod Podge

This, as well with the trees from a previous post, had been sitting in my garage for TWO years before I finally got to them!! I Mod Podged paper to the snowman to make him SO much cuter than just painting alone. He's one of those snowmen who have holes around the sides to poke lights through. Here's what I did:

1. Measure paper and cut to fit appropriate parts of snowman. (tricky on something this large!)

2. Paint the back of the snowman white. I usually paint around the front edges just a tad in case my paper doesn't cover a spot.

3. Mod Podge paper onto snowman one section at a time.

4. After everything has dried, spray with Acrylic Spray and let dry over night.

5. Poke holes through the apper from front of snowman to back. I used a screwdriver.

6. Push the lights through the back and plug it in!! Perfect for Christmas through winter!!

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