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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Baby Beanie

My child's teacher made every student a beanie this year for thier Christmas Present. (How awesome is that!) She gave me a quick tutorial and I never realized it was SO easy!! I made one for the Chan Man since his baby hats are all super thin and don't fit his ginormous head. Before you start, measure your child's head circumference, and from their ears up however long you want your beanie to be. Mine was 20 x 18, and it was a little bit big but that's ok!

1. Cut fleece to desired shape. Roll one of the long edges 1/4 of an inch, then another inch. Pin along the bottom.
2. Sew along this strip you just folded. (I used a decorative stitch that looked like snowflakes.)
3. On the other long side of the beanie, cut strips that will be the tassles at the top. (about 3-4 inches down.)
4. Match the short sides together and sew together. Turn beanie right side out.
5. Tie a piece of yarn or string below the tassles.

This one was SO easy and oober inexpensive. Beats buying a beanie at the store!! AND, if you make one for older kids you could do a matching scarf AND mittens. So cute!

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