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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Recipe Box Mod Podged

(Sorry for not taking pictures along the way! I tried that and decided I will just show you my project and TELL you how to do it. If you have questions after that, don't be afraid to ask!!)

I got these recipe boxes at Michael's for $5 a piece! Here are the basic directions for Mod Podging the box:

1. Trace scrapbook paper to fit outside pieces.
2. Paint inside of box the color you want. Make sure to dry it with the lid open or it will dry shut! And don't paint the hinges!
3. Mod Podge paper to outside of box. I had to let it dry a while before doing the top/bottom. Be careful with Mod Podge, if you put a glued side flat side down on your table it will stick and your paper will look bad so let it dry before setting it down.
4. Let it dry a day or so and then spray the entire thing with Acrylic Spray. Don't set anything on top of the box for at least a week to make sure it's DRY DRY!
5. Embellish with ribbons, stickers, letters, buttons, flowers, bows, etc!! Go Crazy!!!
6. I traced recipe dividers out of cardstock and labeled them with stickers.

This is functional, but also pretty if you need a good kitchen decoration. Have fun with it!!

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