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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

By now you probably noticed, I REALLY like Mod Podge!! I've had this wooden tree sitting in my garage for 2 years courtesy of my not so crafty mom. Glad I didn't do anything to it before I discovered Mod Podge!!

1. Measure paper to desired shape. (This one was tricky because it is so TALL. I ended up taping 3 pieces of scrapbook paper together, then taping them TO the tree, then tracing the shape of the tree onto the paper.)
2. Paint the sides/back of the tree desired color. (3 coats.)
3. After the paint is dry, Mod Podge the paper to the tree. Be careful not to get Mod Podge onto the already painted places. It won't just fade it, it will look glossy and weird!
4. Let it dry a few hours, then I sprayed mine with glitter and Acrylic Spray.
5. Let it dry a day, then use a screw driver to poke holes for your lights. Make sure to poke from front to back so the paper goes to the back of the tree.
6. Plug your lights into the back of the tree (50 strand lights) and you have a super cute tree to deck your halls!!

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