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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Car Seat Cover

I started seeing these everywhere this summer and then I found a GREAT tutorial from Make It And Love It so I decided I'd take a shot at making one! This one is attached with grosgrain ribbon, however I have seen other designs with buttons or velcro straps at the top. (I have not yet figured out how to sew button holes on my machine, so I stuck with the velcro.....beginner sewer here!)

1. Buy 2 pieces of fabric 1 1/4 yard each. (I used flannel because the patterns were cute and it's cozier than cotton.)
2. Lay pieces together with the right sides together. (the pretty sides touching, ugly sides on the outside.) Cut any excess fabric so you have a perfect rectangle. Pin around edges.
3. Sew along the edges of the fabric leaving a 5 inch hole when you get to the end.
4. Turn the blanket right-side-out through the hole you left. Hand stich the hole shut.
5. Measure from the top of your blanket (long ways) 22 inches down. Mark with a pin.
6. Measure your blanket short-ways and mark the middle. Then measure 4 inches out on each side. Mark with a pin. (You are locating the two places where you will sew the ribbons and you want them to be even.)
7. Measure two strands of ribbon 22 inches long each. Use a match to seal the ends of the ribbon so it won't fray later on.
8. Find the middle of the ribbon and sew each one to the two places you just marked.

I LOVE this car seat cover because I can take it off and use it as a blanket or a bottle prop if I don't have anything else to use. Fabric on sale at Joanne's is $3 a yard, so with all the other stuff you need to make it, this Car Seat Cover costs less than $10 to make yourself!! Can't beat that in ANY store!

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