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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Clip Board Mod Podged

This clipboard matches the recipe box in the next post. Not that I really USE a clipboard (If I was still teaching maybe!) but this is SUCH a cute gift for teachers!! I got a super cute one with the cutest little girl in the corner and my name. I hung it by my desk rather than actually used it. None the less, it was ADORABLE!!

1. Measure scrapbook paper to fit your clipboard.
2. Mod Podge paper to clipboard.
3. Let dry for a day or so and spray with Acrylic Spray.
4. Glue a strip of ribbon (velvet would be SO cute, I used polka dot) to the seam of the two papers.
5. Embellish with buttons, bows, stickers, words, etc. SO CUTE!

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