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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Quiet Book (so far!)

I decided having 2 babies a year apart is going to be REAL fun for sitting through 3 hours of church, so I am on a major rush to get some projects done that will keep them entertained as they get older. I looked online at SO many places for ideas, I'm sure I won't give credit to everyone involved but I will do my best! (See bottom of post for websites.)

The Pellon: I purchased Pellon, or Interfacing, at my local JoAnn store. It was EXPENSIVE ($5.99a yard for the thick stuff!) I was able to get 16 pages out of 3 yards. It was 20 inches wide, so I cut the pages so they are each 12 inches across and 10 inches up. (Left a little bit extra room for the button holes on the sides.)

The Binding: I looked at a lot of different ways to bind it together. (Like glue, or not cutting the pages but sewing them together right down the middle then folding the whole book together.) The one I liked the best was sewing 3 button holes in the side of each page and using rings. I prefer this way because I can take pages out and add to it as I go. Eventually I will make a fabric case for everything so the little parts can't get lost.

The Designs: Some of the templates I used from Homemade By Jill, but most of them I either hand cut, or printed clipart off the computer and traced it onto my felt.

The Felt: The felt on rolls at Joann's is usually $6 a yard, but it was on sale 50% off. Felt is a lot wider than other fabrics, so I only needed 1/3 yard of each color. I got 15 colors off the roll and bought some of the 8x11 felt sheets that were not offered on rolls (Like sparkly red, sparkly white, sparkly black, tan, and hot pink!!) Buying the felt off the roll is SO MUCH CHEAPER (if you get it on sale) than buying the felt sheets so don't be deceived!!

Here's what I have so far. Definitely not finished but it's a word in progress.

Rocket Ship that blasts on the string all the way to the moon!

Boy playing Peek-A-Boo!! I would love to add words to this page, but my handstitching looks terrible so I am still trying to figure out what to do. (I know, the hands on are backwards...I'll fix it later!)

Fish tank and fish food. Fish food is velcro'ed on. When you feed the fish, you pull them up the string to make them swim to the top to eat!

Tree with snap on apples and a bucket to put them in after they've been picked.

Balloons to match and snap on. (I went for snap vs velcro because they are quieter for church!) Decorative stitch on the strings!!

Winter Mittens so baby can put his hands inside!

Farm House with barn doors and finger puppets inside!! Also not shown, an owl hiding in the upper flap.

Plate and items to build a sandwich. Still debating if I should velcro these. They stick together pretty well already!

Fall Tree with a little flap and a birdie! Decorative stitching of my Singer came in SO handy!! It made the leaves look like they had veins without any extra work from me!

Where I got my ideas:

Sorry if I left anyone out!!

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